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Flame Retardant

We can help you meet UL 94 or other flammability compliance requirements with halogen or non-halogen compounds that may include other properties such as: conductivity, wear resistance, and structural reinforcement. PP FR Compound (RP79FRB) PP FR Free Halogen Compound (RP79FAP) ABS FR Compound...

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Polystyrene compounds to produce disposable containers and lower cost with high quality and competitively

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Antistatic (ESD)

Our thermoplastics are compounded with a variety of standard or all-polymeric fillers to provide permanent anti-static properties and/or protection from electrostatic discharge...

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Optical Brightener

Optical Brightener masterbatch is specifically used for imparting whiteness and brightness to the plastic products without any bluer tone. With an excellent composition of bis-benzoxazole type organic derivative and poly-olefin polymer, this type of masterbatch is also responsible for minimizing the yellowing of end...

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