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This clarifying agent creates a superior polypropylene product without the limitations of less functional clear materials. It also increases the beauty of current polypropylene materials, allowing even thicker parts to approach the clarity of glass or amorphous polymers. In addition, these polypropylenes are easy to use in energy efficient...

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Internal antistatic additives are incorporated in the polymer matrix. The controlled incompatibility causes migration to the surface. There it forms a polar layer that absorbs water from the atmosphere. This layer is able to conduct / dissipates the charges (higher conductivity/ lower resistance and shorter charge decay...

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Slip & Anti-block

Slip additives are added to reduce the surface coefficient of friction of polymers and are used to enhance either processing or end applications.High and low level slip additives are available and immediate and slow acting performance can be engineered into the masterbatch. Add this product to the plastic, on one hand can be formed on the surface layer of plastic is extremely thin film lubrication with maintaining smoothness and other hand can bump formed on the surface of a micro-shaped structure, which is very effective in reducing adhesion of plastic products without effect on the transparency of plastics products. Its role is mainly used in films and cap opening to maintain good...

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Polymer Processing Aid (PPA)

These masterbatches are high performance fluoroelastomers used in processing of polyolefin polymers. They function by continuously coating the die with a lubricating fluoropolymer which aids in processing. PPA Data Sheet...

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The use of antioxidants in polymer processing can offer better stabilization of the polymer during processing and also prolong its useful life in the end application. Data Sheet...

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Anti UV

Anti-UV Masterbatch is extraordinary effective in blocking ultraviolet radiation and thus extending the useful product life while maintaining attractive appearance with minimal damage in quality. Data Sheet (RP732) Pipe Anti-UV Data Sheet (RP731) Ni-Quencher Based Anti-UV...

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